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Ms Z

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Zezette Milner, 972-464-8228 (cell with text),

I am struggling with the difficulties of being broke (a temporary condition that's been going on a long time), sick/disabled (not govt. recognized) and challenged to survive in spite of it. I am trying to get on my feet so that I may pull others up with me.   Please check here regularly, any new information will be here. I still live in Dallas, my children and grandchildren are fine. Call, text or email for further information.

Still accepting donations, no longer working even occasionally and no income.  To send money to me, make a money order out to cash or Zezette Milner; or you can make it to Atmos Energy or City of Dallas.  Send  to: 4002 Spence St., Dallas, TX  75215  Know ways to get quick legal money? Pass it on!  We need to share this kind of info.  Plan to post what I learn and already know too. Thanks and much love, Ms. Z.

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Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: