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Understanding My Issues
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   The way I was raised, you don't put your business in the street and you don't beg for help. Too bad. I need help on a multitude of levels and this is my most recent phase of advocating for myself. I am (1) volunteering to help train future physical therapists, chiropractors, bodywork and other specialists to work on people like me by offering my body for practice.  (2) Asking for help in receiving diagnostic testing,  treatments, supplements and care of  physicians and therapists .  (3) Offering myself as subject for people or institutions who would like to document my issues or any of the issues that prevent Americans from returning to health if they don't have wealth or insurance.  Why?

   For over 8 years I've tried to get help and care. I suffer from chronic medical conditions including fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, and osteoarthritis...and many more. My back is twisted, my neck is straight, my muscles strained from trying to hold the whole mess together.  "Fibro fog" has been so severe I thought I had Altzheimer's. Dementia, in it's many possible forms has not been ruled out. I have applied for assistance with lawyers: they don't get or help you find a doctor for diagnosis or treatment. Navigating the government and social agencies is a nightmare with good health aad consistent mental clarity. It's pretty impossible in my condition.  
What's New?
   I am not better. My conditions continue. The longer chronic conditions are allowed to progress untreated the harder they are to reverse and possibly eradicate.
   Devin Starlanyl's books and web site provide the best explanations of the complexities involved in my issues. For examples and anecdotes about the daily challenges, I suggest the book. She explains the difficulties in obtaining proper treatments even for those with income and good insurance. Remember, these are only 2 of my issues! Click here to learn more.
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Ms. Z

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